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About KP Mortgage - Best Mortgage Broker in Montreal, QC

My goal is to get the best mortgage product that is suited for your current and future needs, along with the best rate. My number one job is to teach you about mortgages, so that you can make the best decision for you. We have all been sold a false truth, that rate is the only thing that matters when it comes to mortgages. This has been done in an effort to look at one thing and ignore the rest. The lack of understanding conditions of a mortgage, is what typically gets people into trouble with mortgages. This usually is associated with major unforeseen life changes such as career changes, job loss, divorce and death. In essence people will try and save a few hundred dollars just looking at the rate and risk having thousands of dollars in risk exposure via incurring penalties. This is the realty of mortgages, however there are always choices of what will suit your needs best for your lifestyle. There are many available options for purchases, refinances and renewals. Let me guide through these exciting options that fit your needs.